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Finding Your Voice

Do you feel inhibited by your voice? Nervous when you have to speak at events or in meetings? Does your voice change when under pressure? These sessions will help you build confidence, giving you practical techniques to enhance the qualities of your natural speaking voice. You will work one-to-one with us, gaining tools in breathing, posture, articulation, energy and pace to enhance your vocal skills. We will design a program bespoke to you, working with you to achieve your personal goals, and giving you a structured knowledge of what it takes to be a powerful, engaging speaker.


Work one-to-one with us to prepare your perfect pitch. If you're giving a speech or presenting in front of an audience, we will work with you to deliver content in a dynamic compelling way. We give you tools to prepare yourself and your speech, allowing you to inspire, entertain and engage your audience from start to finish.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Present with flair and confidence. Guided sessions to give you the essential skills to bring everything you say to life with impact and influence. From the fundamental techniques of breathing and posture, to a more detailed understanding of pace, inflection, body language and tone. These are practical techniques to implement into every day life, and are invaluable for anyone working in client-facing roles, regularly interacting within a team or in active presentations. 

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