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Citizens Advice

The Pitch Process were great to work with from start to finish. They took real interest in designing a day that met all of our objectives, and were very collaborative and responsive in meeting our developing demands. As a result, unsurprisingly their session was felt to be thoroughly valuable and interesting across the team, with members particularly enjoying the positivity and enthusiasm they brought. Their session was vital to us having an excellent off-site. To top it off their pricing was very reasonable and affordable for a charity. 

Global Girl Media

Thank you so much for coming along on Friday.  You and Peta were just great - it's so essential for the girls' self esteem and performance to get in touch with their breath and bodies.  I personally really enjoyed the exercises where you looked at broadcasters' performances and presence.  We are very grateful!

Individual Clients

"Laura coached me for a presentation I was to give in front of an auditorium full of professionals & members of the public. The positive-themed training she gave on how best to vocally warm up, steady nerves, project, engage, structure the presentation & just ‘be me’ was revelatory & invaluable. I thoroughly enjoyed giving the talk, got a great response & a lot of congratulations from all involved! The skills have stayed & served me well since, speaking to groups large or small for work, family gatherings & community involvements. Laura's a superb, empowering teacher, I couldn't recommend her enough."

Crisis Workshops

Over 90 % of the feedback forms rated the workshop either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ which is great to see and shows what an impact it had! - "It was really good learning about interview techniques, it gave me confidence to talk to the employers. Really motivating."

HMP Prison Service

The women were absolutely buzzing enthusiastically after their workshop last week. They were all unanimous in their praise for it, describing the different sessions in detail, and particularly how it allowed them to bond and form connections with each other.

Obby - Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

"Great class with Peta! Made me think about presenting and the power of my voice in a completely different way. Definitely recommend it!"

"This was a wonderful session. Really valuable tips and a bespoke approach. I’ve already booked another one as there’s so much more to learn. Many thanks Laura!"

Culture Amp

Working in Sales Development clear verbal communication is a vital tool for success. Training with The Pitch Process has been very rewarding, helping us to better express intentions when speaking with clients, as well as employ power and authority in my voice. The coaching had an immediate impact in our work, we all observe a higher level of engagement and enthusiasm from the people we interact with during sales calls. We would definitely recommend them as coaches!

Individual Clients

"Thanks for the excellent training Pitch! Peta is a great coach. She communicates well, identifies and explains the best way to tackle whatever issue you are confronting. She takes a holistic approach to training - accent, pronunciation but also rhythm and musicality to give you clarity and confidence as a speaker."


The Pitch Process ran a great session for my team of trainers; they were engaging, fun and gave valuable feedback to individuals. The session had a lot of energy and created a real buzz. The team loved letting go and trying things that they wouldn't normally do in their day jobs and it's given them lots to think about when mentally and physically preparing to stand up in front of people. Pitch were flexible in their approach and responded quickly to our needs as a group. I would highly recommend them, thank you Peta and Laura!

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